– Sustainable Transformation of Existing Neighbourhoods in the Netherlands and

January 1, 2024, the FutureBEEing project has been underway. The Province of
Overijssel, in collaboration with Dutch and German organizations, is working to
accelerate the sustainable transformation of residential neighbourhoods in the
Interreg A NL/DE area. The sustainable transformation of residential neighbourhoods
is approached comprehensively and includes various aspects such as climate
adaptation, transitioning to renewable energy and heat, improving the quality
of life, addressing demographic changes, and challenges in the housing sector.
Over the next four years, €6.9 million is allocated for the FutureBEEing

The project
partners include the Province of Overijssel, Buro De Haan,
Küsters.Grün.Stadt.Klima, Energieland2050 e.V., Stadt Münster, Gemeente
Enschede, Gemeente Hengelo, Saxion Hogeschool, and Fachhochschule Münster.
Associated partners of the project are Hochschule Emden/Leer, Alfa College, LWC
(Living Wave Company) Associates, Gemeente Noordoostpolder, Handwerkskammer
Münster, Verband der Wohnungs- und Immobilienwirtschaft Rheinland e.V. (VdW),
Klima-Frieden, and Ems-Achse GmbH. All partners contribute expertise to
transform existing residential neighbourhoods in the Netherlands and Germany

In the
closed part of the project, FutureBEEing focuses on the development and
implementation of sustainable solutions for urban development in neighbourhoods,
considering environmental, social, and economic factors. It addresses various
stakeholder groups, including municipalities, authorities, neighbourhood
developers, network operators, homeowners, residents, and organizations
involved in neighbourhood transformations and scaling.

instruments for sustainability are developed and utilized for the
transformation of existing neighbourhoods:

  1. The FB Menu outlines the measures required to make the neighbourhoods climate-resistant. It establishes clear norms and requirements as the basis for the sustainable development of residential neighbourhoods.
  2. The FB Tool is a 2D/3D software determining the best scenarios for a neighbourhood master plan for sustainability. The FB Tool is developed in collaboration with stakeholder groups.

In the open
part of the project, five neighbourhoods in the Netherlands and five in Germany
undergo transformation, with 40 sub-projects implemented in existing
residential neighbourhoods involving at least 80 organizations.

In the
coming period, FutureBEEing partners will gather crucial information about
stakeholder groups and neighbourhoods, focusing on data infrastructure and data
management. Simultaneously, a stakeholder engagement plan will be developed
with active participation from partners and participants. In the upcoming
months, steps for a sustainable transformation of residential neighbourhoods
will be refined, involving stakeholder groups in these neighbourhoods.
Additionally, the application of the developed FB Menu and FB Tool will be
tested for partial implementation in the ten neighbourhoods at a later stage.

– Sustainable Transformation of Existing Neighbourhoods in the Netherlands and

Project information

Planned project costs
A greener programme area
Project duration
Lead partner
Provincie Overijssel regionaal
Project partners
FH Münster
Buro De Haan B.V.
Gemeente Enschede
energieland2050 e.V.
Gemeente Hengelo
Küsters Grün.Stadt.Klima
Stadt Münster
Saxion Hogeschool
Hochschule Emden/Leer
Verband der Wohnungs- und Immobilienwirtschaft
Handwerkskammer Münster
Ems-Achse GmbH
Gemeente Noordoostpolder
LWC (Living Wave Company) associates
Alfa College
FutureBEEing Sub-Partner

Project financing

Buro De Haan B.V.
energieland2050 e.V.
FH Münster
FutureBEEing Sub-Partner
Gemeente Enschede
Gemeente Hengelo
Küsters Grün.Stadt.Klima
MB Niedersachsen
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat
Provincie Drenthe
Provincie Gelderland
Provincie Groningen
Provincie Overijssel
Provincie Overijssel regionaal
Saxion Hogeschool
Stadt Münster
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