Apply for funding: how it works!

Applying for funding under Interreg requires careful planning and compliance with certain steps. The following points describe the basic steps to be followed when applying for funding from the European Regional Development Fund under Interreg Germany-Netherlands:

Information gathering
Find out about the current dates and deadlines for the evaluation rounds for submitting project applications. All dates and deadlines can be found here.
Partner search
Identify potential partner organisations from regions close to the border that can work with you on a project. In this case, at least one project partner must come from Germany and the other from the Netherlands. Cross-border collaboration is an essential component of Interreg projects.
Project development
Develop a clear and realistic project proposal that meets the objectives of the Germany-Netherlands Interreg programme. Make sure your project offers cross-border added value and addresses the challenges of the regions concerned.
Contact those responsible
Contact the responsible regional programme management in your area to clarify any questions and ensure that your project meets the requirements. This communication can take place by e-mail, telephone or during information events.
Prepare your application in accordance with the Interreg programme guidelines. Be sure to provide all required documents and information. The application forms and guidelines can be found here.
Assessment of the application
Your project application undergoes a special application procedure in which your application is reviewed by various committees and ultimately approved or rejected. Make sure your application is clearly structured, contains all necessary information and meets the Interreg programme criteria. The regional programme management team in your area will be happy to help you throughout the entire process.
Implementation of the project
Once your project has been approved, you can start implementing it according to the approved timetable. Reports on the progress of the project and the funding and communication guidelines must be complied with.

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