Unplug & Go


The future drives electric. Combined with the sharing idea, innovative eCar & eBike sharing concepts are emerging all over the world, also in the euregio rhine-maas-north. The City of Venlo, as lead partner, together with the City of Roermond, the district of Viersen and its business development agency and the City of Mönchengladbach, together with its WFMG, have set themselves the goal of setting up a large-scale, flexible and electric bike and car sharing programme. The initiative Unplug & Go was created as part of the INTERREG project SHAREuregio. The goal here is to promote electric mobility by car as well as by bicycle, and above all to support cross-border mobility. By saving journeys with combustion engines, a contribution is also made to air pollution control in the region. In addition, it is a supplement to the public transport and it increases the attractiveness of the region as a location.

Among other things, the electric vehicles are to be used across the border. With the help of an app, a specific route can be reserved. In the first instance, the offer is aimed at a limited number of companies and organisations whose employees, for example, often cross the border for business trips, or smaller entrepreneurs from the same border town who share such a car for deliveries. Currently, 40 electric cars are available to companies in the border region. The number of vehicles will be increased in the future and the system is to be opened for private use as well.

The SHAREuregio project is implemented within the framework of the INTERREG programme Germany-Netherlands. The European Union provides funding for this project from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Furthermore, the financial supporters of this project include the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MWIDE) and the Dutch Province of Limburg as well as the project partners Greenflux Assets BV, NEW AG, EMTB, FH Aachen, Community of Venlo, Community of Roermond, City of Mönchengladbach en District of Viersen.

Watch the trailer of the project here.

For more information on the SHAREuregio project, please click here: https://shareuregio.eu/?lang=de



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