In the
Netherlands and Germany, a combined 2.4 million people are struggling with
diabetes, often facing late diagnoses and subsequent physical and financial
complications. A significant number of them experience early-stage foot
problems. To address this, the goal is to develop an advanced, non-invasive IR
scanner for primary and secondary healthcare. Infrared thermography (IRT) takes
center stage in this innovative project as a promising diagnostic method that
requires no physical contact. Aimed at detecting abnormalities at an early
stage, this safe and reliable technique is based on a rapid evaluation of
radiation energy related to skin temperature. With a
focus on preventing diabetic foot problems, which could lead to significant
cost savings and alleviate pressure on healthcare systems, IRT identifies local
temperature variations and color variations. It also signals higher average
temperatures in feet at high risk of neuropathy and neuro-ischemia. To expedite
time-to-market, allowing for faster medical validation and creating additional
business opportunities, this project extends beyond diabetes. It includes
diagnosing ACNES (chronic abdominal pain) and detecting inflammation in sports

infrared scanner distinguishes itself with three innovative features:

  • Compact and Affordable: Suitable for primary healthcare.
  • AI/ML Implementation: Application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in a medical camera.
  • Advanced Thermography: Highly accurate and reliable in usage.

collaborative initiative brings together SMEs and research institutions to
drive product innovation in healthcare, contributing to a robust, competitive,
and sustainable economy in the border region. Equipping the healthcare sectors
in both the Netherlands and Germany with a powerful tool in a time of
increasing pressure and challenges due to aging and lifestyle-related diseases,
the IR scanner promises to be a revolutionary advancement.

Project information

Planned project costs
A more innovative programme area
Project duration
Lead partner
Comvis B.V.
Project partners
Sensor GmbH
Trauthoff MedCam-Al GmbH
PECE Zorg B.V.
Physio Hassenpflug
Radboud universitair medisch centrum / Radboudumc
MSB de Medici
Orthopädische praxis piusallee
Städtische Kliniken Mönchengladbach GmbH

Project financing

Comvis B.V.
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat
MSB de Medici
Orthopädische praxis piusallee
PECE Zorg B.V.
Physio Hassenpflug
Provincie Gelderland
Provincie Noord-Brabant
Radboud universitair medisch centrum / Radboudumc
Sensor GmbH
Trauthoff MedCam-Al GmbH
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