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Which requirements should my project meet?

Municipalities, associations of municipalities, associations and other public hand private legal persons and natural persons who conduct a business, can apply for a grant at the Interreg programme Germany-Netherlands. Under certain conditions also individuals who carry a company, can file an application. The following criteria must always be met:

Cross-border character

The most important criterium for the approval of a grant-application is that the project should have a cross-border character, and that this character must reveal itself in a common development, a common implementation, a common effort, a common deployment of personnel and a common funding between the project partners on both sides of the border. For projects falling under priority 1 and 2, it is desirable to involve partners from the whole programme area, whereas projects in priority 3 and 4 can be regionally oriented.

Another important point is that the project should be sustainable and shouldn’t be in conflict with the European community law and with the national legislation.

To appoint a lead partner

For each project a leadpartner is appointed, which is de single contact point within the project, and is responsible for all the project applications. The applicants will be accompanied and supported by the regional programme managements at the four Euregio’s in the programme area. The regional programme managements can provide information about the subsidy criteria on both sides of the border. The projectapplication can be submitted at the relevant regional programme management in the region where the leadpartner is established.

Contribution to programme objectives

Even more than in the last programme, the programmeresults, in the subsidy period 2021-2027, are very important for the European commission. This includes a logical link between the objectives and the results of each individual project of the programme. For this reason every project should fit within one of the four priorities of the programme and should contribute to the programme objectives.