Deutschland-Nederland Wachstum und Entfaltung zur grenzüberschreitenden Agropole

Wachstum und Entfaltung zur grenzüberschreitenden Agropole

By this the foundation for a cluster is layed out. This cluster will only become more effective through personal exchange and information transfer. Up to now, the national border has been a barrier when it comes to joint activities. In this project, an effective, cross-border network will be established that strengthens the transfer of information and intensifies cross-border communication between companies, educational institutions, science and govermental institutions. This will lead to the acquisition and exchange of know-how and the establishment of trust, which is a prerequisite for the willingness to cooperate. This cooperation leads to a boost in innovation which strengthens the competitiveness of companies in the region, secures and creates jobs and thus also benefits society.

The measures of this project are a prerequisite for the development of the cross-border region into one of the most innovative and thus most competitive Agrobusiness regions in Europe. Externally, this can create a pull effect for companies in the region.

This objective can only be achieved through many small and continuous activities, which will be implemented within this project. This path leads to the growth and development of the Agrobusiness region towards an Agropole. The entire Region will be significantly defined by the Agrobusiness sector and the entire region will benefit from this development.


Planned project costs

1.067.803,17 €

Project Duration

1.7.2019 - 31.10.2022


Socio-cultural and territorial cohesion in the programme area

Lead Partner

Agrobusiness Niederrhein e.V.

Project partners

Gemeente Venray, Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, Unbekannte KMU in Machbarkeitsstudien, Compas-Agro B.V., Pflanzen Janssen, Schrijnwerkers Blueberries B.V., Magoley KG, Blueberry Giant GmbH & Co.KG, Piglets Treatment System BV, Tierarztpraxis Lintjeshof GmbH, EquInnoLab BV, Joh´s Stübben GmbH & Co.KG, M Food Group GmbH, Hessing Belfeld B.V., AgroWizard B.V., Baumschule Fleuren UG & Co.KG,


Financer Amount
Unbekannte KMU in Machbarkeitsstudien 0,00 €
Tierarztpraxis Lintjeshof GmbH 1.735,98 €
Baumschule Fleuren UG & Co.KG 1.570,24 €
Magoley KG 2.536,83 €
M Food Group GmbH 6.030,02 €
Joh´s Stübben GmbH & Co.KG 1.714,44 €
Compas-Agro B.V. 9.367,00 €
Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo 73.687,29 €
Agrobusiness Niederrhein e.V. 144.523,90 €
Pflanzen Janssen 1.205,65 €
Hessing Belfeld B.V. 6.751,34 €
EquInnoLab BV 8.343,86 €
Schrijnwerkers Blueberries B.V. 11.665,46 €
Blueberry Giant GmbH & Co.KG 2.536,83 €
Gemeente Venray 27.098,44 €
AgroWizard B.V. 7.834,16 €
MWIDE NRW 104.908,60 €
Provincie Limburg 104.908,60 €
EFRE / EFRO 533.901,58 €
Piglets Treatment System BV 17.482,95 €