Deutschland-Nederland ROCKET Reloaded

ROCKET Reloaded

Within ROCKET Reloaded, six Dutch-German innovation projects have been developed with the aim of strengthening the development and adoption of key technologies within the border region. The core partners Oost NL, NMWP.NRW, TAFH Münster and HighTech NL are responsible for coordinating the whole and for securing the activities and results. This has led to the support of 52 companies, 34 new innovative product prototypes and 69 new jobs in the coming years.

The six innovation projects are briefly described below. A more detailed overview can be found at: which also includes a short video of each project.

1. Sensichip: this project has developed a platform based on integrated photonics that can detect pathogens in fish water. In a later phase, the platform will be further developed for use in the detection of cancer.

2. E-NanoPrint Pro. This project worked on a platform for printing conductive material at the nanoscale. This development is necessary for the increasing miniaturisation of electronics and can be used, for example, on solar panels or on the latest generation of foldable telephones.

3. Automess3D. Within this project, a module has been developed that can quickly and accurately take 3D measurements of all kinds of components. This development brings the possibilities of digitisation within reach of a wider group of companies in the industry.

4. Skinball. This project focuses on the early and low-threshold detection of skin cancer through the use of an optical sensor and RF technology.

5. Pure Forensic DNA Profiles. The consortium uses a ‘single cell puncher’ to make single cells from mixed DNA that can be analysed. This will support the police and forensic services and will make it possible to track down perpetrators of crime more quickly and effectively.

6. Bio NanoSinusgel project: the development of material that releases nanoparticles of corticosteroids in a timed manner and over a longer period (from a few days to weeks). This will improve pain relief in certain infections and speed up wound healing.


Planned project costs

2.635.773,69 €

Project Duration

15.2.2019 - 30.6.2022


Increase of cross-border innovation in the programme area

Lead Partner

Oost NL - Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost Nederland NV

Project partners

Stichting Business Cluster Semiconductors Oost-Nederland, Cluster NanoMikroWerkstoffePhotonik.NRW c/o NMW Management GmbH, ROCKET Groep Nederland-Duitse bedrijven c/o Oost NV, microTEC Gesellschaft für Mikrotechnologie mbH, TAFH Münster GmbH, NYtor B.V., DoMicro B.V., Tec-V, Techtobizz International Innovation BV, IFG Institut für Forensische Genetik GmbH, Qurin Diagnostics , Tunatech GmbH, Arenz Digital Services GmbH, Essentrium, D3 Systeme GmbH, OBB Beheer BV, TechToBizz International Innovation Holding BV, Van Workum Machine Service bv, Lionix International B.V., Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Microwave Photonics GmbH, MINTRES B.V., VyCAP BV, BioMed Elements B.V. , OxProtect GmbH, WWWU Universitatsklinikum Münster, High Tech NL,


Financer Amount
TAFH Münster GmbH 1.102,50 €
NYtor B.V. 30.734,52 €
MINTRES B.V. 32.276,77 €
Cluster NanoMikroWerkstoffePhotonik.NRW c/o NMW Management GmbH 0,00 €
ROCKET Groep Nederland-Duitse bedrijven c/o Oost NV 0,00 €
Essentrium 7.930,50 €
TechToBizz International Innovation Holding BV 13.594,69 €
Tec-V 17.989,62 €
Tunatech GmbH 49.279,22 €
Qurin Diagnostics 36.501,00 €
Lionix International B.V. 57.287,45 €
IFG Institut für Forensische Genetik GmbH 58.148,98 €
D3 Systeme GmbH 68.183,07 €
Arenz Digital Services GmbH 102.794,52 €
Oost NL - Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost Nederland NV 0,00 €
Techtobizz International Innovation BV 578,55 €
WWWU Universitatsklinikum Münster 30.818,32 €
Stichting Business Cluster Semiconductors Oost-Nederland 0,00 €
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat 146.689,06 €
EFRE / EFRO 1.194.355,34 €
Van Workum Machine Service bv 24.374,22 €
Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH 57.056,41 €
Provincie Limburg 0,00 €
OBB Beheer BV 5.778,00 €
High Tech NL 9.845,15 €
OxProtect GmbH 37.363,08 €
Microwave Photonics GmbH 70.342,83 €
Provincie Gelderland 48.896,36 €
DoMicro B.V. 58.749,25 €
BioMed Elements B.V. 64.214,11 €
VyCAP BV 85.032,87 €
microTEC Gesellschaft für Mikrotechnologie mbH 32.479,17 €
Provincie Noord-Brabant 48.896,36 €
MWIDE NRW 244.481,77 €