Deutschland-Nederland plug|in


plug|in brought artists, curators, exhibition institutions and entrepreneurs together across borders to build an art and creative industries cluster. In a practice-oriented integration process, the divergent national strategies and traditions formed the basis for an innovative creative industries model. This has the effect of improving the economic standing of all those involved, it was open for use by all communities, and it brought the art-going public attractive offerings on both sides of the border.


Planned project costs

755.279,04 €

Project Duration

1.11.2015 - 30.6.2019


Socio-cultural and territorial cohesion in the programme area

Lead Partner

Stadt Hamminkeln

Project partners

Derik-Baegert-Gesellschaft e.V., Stichting ArtEZ, Westfälischer Kunstverein , Museum Kurhaus Kleve - Ewald Mataré-Sammlung, KIT – Kunst im Tunnel gGmbH, Stichting TETEM, Stichting Musea Arnhem, Stichting Museum Het Valkhof,


Financer Amount
Stadt Hamminkeln 7.247,00 €
EFRE / EFRO 377.639,52 €
Westfälischer Kunstverein 2.286,66 €
Stichting TETEM 2.286,73 €
Stichting Museum Het Valkhof 2.286,66 €
Stichting ArtEZ 17.248,00 €
Derik-Baegert-Gesellschaft e.V. 161.872,39 €
Museum Kurhaus Kleve - Ewald Mataré-Sammlung 2.286,66 €
MWIDE NRW 88.776,05 €
Provincie Gelderland 88.776,05 €
KIT – Kunst im Tunnel gGmbH 2.286,66 €
Stichting Musea Arnhem 2.286,66 €