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Small Project Funds Education Euregio Rhine-Waal

the framework of the cross-border cooperation programmes, citizens’ and
small-scale projects are important and successful instruments with high
European added value to remove border and cross-border obstacles, to promote
contacts between people on the ground and to bring border regions and their
citizens closer together. These projects can be implemented within the
so-called “Small Project Fund”. A small project fund can be developed
in various areas. In the Interreg VI programme Germany-Nederland, there is
currently a small project fund with the focus areas of education, governance,
health and people-to-people.
Small Project Fund in the Interreg VI Programme Germany-NederlandThe
European Union supports cooperation projects between neighbouring countries.
The Interreg VI Programme Germany-Nederland was created specifically for
projects that focus on cooperation in the German-Dutch border region. In order
to make the application procedure for Interreg funds more accessible, the
German-Dutch Euregios have developed the so-called “Small Project
Fund” (KPF) in consultation with each other and with the Interreg
programme partners. This was specially designed for initiatives with a maximum
funding of € 25,000. There is a simplified procedure for smaller activities
with a short duration that are eligible for a lump sum of 750 €.
The small project fund supports projects that focus on the following
thematic areas:
Education (e.g. school exchanges, school/university cooperation,
teacher/professor exchanges, language support, internships).
Governance (promotion of cooperation between public institutions and
Health (exchange and networking e.g. of health services, prevention, care – but
also animal health and animal disease control)
People-to-people (promotion of cooperation between citizens). This results in
extensive project opportunities, e.g. in the areas of culture, sport, history
and tourism).
Would you also like to cooperate across borders? Then you are welcome to
submit an application.
can submit an application?
Project applications can be submitted at any time from the beginning of 2023 by
municipalities, municipal associations, associations, companies and other legal
entities under public and private law and natural persons who are responsible
for initiating or both initiating and implementing a project. Funding is only
available for projects in which German and Dutch partners cooperate with each
This is new:
A simplified application procedure makes it possible for all associations,
organisations and groups to participate. The application procedure is also
simplified because the Small Projects Fund works with lump sums. This means
that the often time-consuming obligation to provide proof in the form of
invoices or bank statements is no longer necessary. Events that usually only
last one day can in future be supported with a lump sum of 750 €. Other
initiatives or projects in the KPF can still be funded with a maximum of 25,000
You would like to know more or need support?
You are welcome to make an appointment at any time. The staff of the project
offices will be happy to discuss the various funding opportunities with you and
will also help you to develop your project and find suitable partners.


Planned project costs

1.249.999,95 €

Project Duration

1.1.2023 - 30.6.2029


Work together for a connected border area

Lead Partner

Euregio Rhein-Waal

Project partners

Duitse en Nederlandse organisaties – gestandaardiseerde mini-projecten, Duitse en Nederlandse organisaties – niet-gestandaardiseerde projecten,


Financer Amount
Duitse en Nederlandse organisaties – gestandaardiseerde mini-projecten 75.000,00 €
Duitse en Nederlandse organisaties – niet-gestandaardiseerde projecten 425.000,00 €
EFRE / EFRO 624.999,98 €
Euregio Rhein-Waal 0,00 €
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat 37.500,00 €
MWIKE NRW 41.666,64 €
Programmmittel / Programmamiddelen 41.666,69 €
Provincie Gelderland 2.124,99 €
Provincie Limburg 333,33 €
Provincie Noord-Brabant 1.708,32 €