Deutschland-Nederland Grenzübergreifendes Kulturnetzwerk Naturpark Moor-Veenland

Grenzübergreifendes Kulturnetzwerk Naturpark Moor-Veenland

The eight museums in the Moor-Veenland International Nature Park form an active international cultural network. Because of this project, the network has experienced a marked strengthening and quality improvement in the multilingual development of its exhibitions. In order to provide all visitors with a boundless, appealing and high-quality offering, the exhibits are designed with information, films and guided tours in two or even three languages and are enhanced further with a shared bilingual audio guide. This audio guide plays a networking role at the same time, since it is based on a joint concept and common underlying data. From now on, the international cultural network in the Moor-Veenland Nature Park excels with an optimally enhanced and reliably bilingual offering. It is able to inform visitors on both sides of the border about the various regional topics in a targeted manner.


Planned project costs

285.119,01 €

Project Duration

1.7.2020 - 31.12.2022


Socio-cultural and territorial cohesion in the programme area

Lead Partner

Internationaler Naturpark Bourtanger Moor-Bargerveen e.V.

Project partners

Gemeente Emmen, Gemeinde Geeste, Stadt Haren (Ems), Gemeinde Twist,


Financer Amount
Gemeinde Geeste 0,00 €
Gemeente Emmen 25.041,90 €
EFRE / EFRO 76.477,35 €
MB Niedersachsen 68.758,18 €
Gemeinde Twist 89,04 €
Stadt Haren (Ems) 6.926,25 €
Provincie Drenthe 68.758,18 €
Internationaler Naturpark Bourtanger Moor-Bargerveen e.V. 39.068,11 €