Deutschland-Nederland Grenzeloos landschap / Grenzenlose Landschaft

Landscape without borders - local adaptaion to global climate change

With a new project, the Vereniging Nederlands Cultuurlandschap (VNC) and the Naturschutzzentrum im Kreis Kleve e.V. (NZ Kleve) are continuing their cooperation that began during the INTERREG V project Green Blue Rhine Alliance. We share a similar view of the landscape, its challenges and opportunities. Together, we are looking for ways to make the landscape in our project area, near Uedem, Goch, Weeze and Kalkar on the German side and Mook and Middelaar, Gennep and Bergen (L) on the Dutch side, climate-proof for the future, while also contributing to an increase in biodiversity.

Extreme weather events, from heavy rainfall to drought, have left their mark on our region in recent years and will continue to do so in the future. We want to identify risk zones in the project area and propose measures there. At the same time, we want to start actively shaping the landscape with new green elements such as hedges and wildflower strips, which have proven to increase the climate resilience of the landscape. Concering water management, we see the need and opportunity to learn from each other across the border to improve the network of streams and small rivers running through our project area in the future. We aim to carry out our work in the landscape in cooperation with farmers, citizens and municipalities.

Ultimately, it is also particularly important to us that residents and visitors of the area become aware of and interested in the landscape. We want to visualize (cultural-) historical traces and developments in the landscape. To this end, we will develop thematic cycling routes within the existing route network, along which we explain our landscape measures and their origins, important events and future challenges for the landscape.


Planned project costs

1.039.298,63 €

Project Duration

1.7.2023 - 30.6.2027


A Europe closer to the citizens in the border area

Lead Partner

Vereniging Nederlands Cultuurlandschap

Project partners

Naturschutzzentrum im Kreis Kleve e.V., Teunesen Zand en Grint BV, Gemeinde Weeze, Stadt Goch, Gemeinde Uedem, Gemeente Gennep, Kreis Kleve, Gemeente Mook en Middelaar, Stadt Kalkar, Coöperatie Natuurrijk Limburg u.a., Landwirtschaftskammer Nordrhein-Westfalen,


Financer Amount
EFRE / EFRO 524.490,41 €
MWIKE NRW 112.390,80 €
Naturschutzzentrum im Kreis Kleve e.V. 145.619,84 €
Programmmittel / Programmamiddelen 0,00 €
Provincie Gelderland 28.097,70 €
Provincie Limburg 67.434,46 €
Provincie Noord-Brabant 16.858,62 €
Vereniging Nederlands Cultuurlandschap 144.406,80 €